Interesting Facts About the Grand Prix

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September is exciting for Singaporeans and motorheads because they have been hosting the F1 race for 7 straight years. Inaddition, there are interesting facts you are probably unaware of about Singapore grand prix. Here they are:

  1. It is a night race

The Singapore grand prix is famous for being held at night, which means that the tracks are lit up. there are 1600 floodlights that are specifically custom-made for the race and they use 108,423 meters of cables to connect them.

  1. Polymer Modified Binder Asphalt Surface

During the inaugural year, Marina Bay Circuit has been converted to an asphalt surface made of Polymer Modified Binder (PMB) so that it can withstand the forces produced by F1 racing. The speed of the supercar can make manhole covers fly so they are welded shut before starting the grand prix.

  1. Most Number of Female Race Officials

Approximately 25% of the raceofficials in the are females, which is the highest percentage in comparison to other Formula One Circuits.

  1. Uniqueness

As it has already been established, this event is a special one and they have a unique venue where it takes place. Among the many elements is the 18/19 section turn, which passes underneath the huge waterfront grandstand. Nothing like that has ever happened on the F1 calendar before.

  1. Wood Planks to the Underside of Each Car

To make sure that the cars are not built too low from the ground, each car’s underside has a wood plank bolted to it, which increases speed. In case the plank wears away too much, it means that the car will be disqualifiedright away.

  1. Sleep Well

F1 drivers need to be on European time because the race is scheduled at night. This requires the drivers to wake up at lunch time and go to sleep so early in the morning. There are black out curtains that help their sleep pattern to adjust to this. There was even one racer who admitted that there are times when they needed to use black bin bags and tape in order to block off the light.

These 6 interesting facts about the Singapore grand prix is not something that everybody knows because they are focused on the race alone. Moreover, you will now start to wonder what goes on behind the race tracks.

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